Primitive Survival Straw - Amazing Offer

Primitive Survival Straw
Sometimes in my journey throughout the day I come across some amazing offers I just have to share with my readers.

Primitive Survival Straw is just one of those offers!

As an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast it just makes sense for me to have one of these in my Backpack or Daypack in case for any reason I get lost or hurt out in the woods and need fresh water to drink!

Fresh water is important so as not to get dehydrated and if you run out of bottled water you want something to filter any stream water or lake water you are near.

Many hikers carry huge amounts of water -- sometimes as much as several liters, often in a hydration pack. Hydration packs are heavy (about 9 oz for a large one), and water is very heavy. Three liters of water in a 9-oz hydration pack adds up to 7.2 pounds of extra pack weight, which is a vast amount of weight to be carrying .
Check out the Primitive Survival Straw which could be your next best friend on a hike - Now at 75% OFF

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